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Dating Rule #23 : What Type Of Personality Is The Most Attractive?

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There is no hard and fast rule, or scientific research proving what personality is the most attractive, but according to what i’ve observed, watched and read about, the type of personality i’m going to tell you later in this post is perhaps the most attractive personality to both men and women. So here goesWithin themselves, everyone desires two things in their partners.
1) Stability
Sure, they need the stability that most goody two shoes can provide, food on the table and education for the kids, but if that were the only factors that mattered, the world would be filled (even more so) with nerds and geeks who spend their entire lifetime locked up in their basements studying,or at least that’s where i assume they get their intelligence from, second guess would be through the evoking of black magic but let’s not drift there..
2) Rebel
Woops, no not him.
Yes, that’s more like it, a hint of rebellion underneath that humane exterior, coupled with an intelligent brain which shows a glimpse of the promise of a stable future.
That, my friends, are what men and women dig,
so to speak,
or at least i predict.
Sorry, drifted off into rhyming mode there.  Anyway, so with this knowledge in mind, nerds, go steal something (not a book) and jocks and bimbos, start stealing books!
note : Desmond shall under no circumstance be held responsible for the jail term your son / daughter serves.
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