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04.11.20 20:47

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Um, 321, if you have that weak a handle on your own sense of boundaries you should really not be trying to do 'open relationships'.In fact, until you get a handle on yes/no/I am into this/I am not into this, you should back off a little on the sexual openness, period. Being open means being comfortable saying "no" and having playmates who are comfortable hearing that.When you fall all over yoruself describing how open you are, you just sound like you have yourself conditioned not to say no because you're afraid it will make you a prude. Tip: "Not wanting to have sex with your creepy new fuckbuddy's married cousin" is not prudish, that's "not wanting to have sex with your creepy new fuckbuddy's married cousin".Though there are superficially similar acts I enjoy very much when performed with certain partners with small hands and different orifices, I have never had a large man shove his arm up my ass. I do not think I would enjoy it, and do not believe that I need to try it in order to find out whether or not I am okay with it. That's not "prudish", that's "why would I go through that?"